An Ultimate Way to Visit São Paulo – Meet Locals & BossHouse B&B

Top Visit in São Paulo, a view from Edificio Italia.

Throughout our more-than-10-year journey we’ve met people in intriguing ways, which in some cases has led to a long-lasting friendship. We’ve had people stopping in the street to invite us to their house, or received an invitation through our website.

While we love the sightseeing and roaming-the-countryside aspect of traveling, our warmest memories are always related to people.

As happened in São Paulo

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Pousada Vila Bela Vista in Jericoacoara, Brazil

At 6 am, the sun is rising rapidly above the horizon yet not burning fiercely as it will in a couple of hours. I stroll over the sandy plain dotted with shrubs that feed the local horses and donkeys. Behind me is the village of Jericoacoara, along Brazil’s northeast coast. In front of me are only dunes.

They attract like a magnet.

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5 Places in South America to Stand in Awe Before Forces of Nature

In South America we often feel overwhelmed by our surroundings, marvel at views, camp in grandiose terrains, and feel dwarfed by canyons and mountains. Among the well-known spectacular sceneries on the continent are the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, the Lake District in Patagonia, the colored lakes of Sud Lipez in Bolivia, and Valle de la Luna in Chile.

Let’s explore some of the lesser-known forces of nature.

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An Act of Kindness by a Stranger

So often we encounter kindness, and so often from people we don’t know. For the next 30 days I will share these acts of kindness by a stranger with you. For me to become more mindful, and (possibly) for you to see how simple joys can make the day of a traveler.

No, the idea is not entirely mine…

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Watching Seahorses in Brazil

I can’t remember ever having seen one before. No matter how I turn the bottle, this water creature keeps its head turned from me. Later the opposite happens with another one and I figure that maybe they prefer facing` towards the sun.

In wonder I am staring at a gray-colored seahorse.

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Is Tourism Welcome? – Tourism vs. Traditional Life of Bartering

Tourism is welcome in Lençois Maranhenses, and making hats is now a tourist product to sell to visitors.

“We would leave on Monday, be gone the entire week fishing in either the lakes or if there was not enough water we’d go out on the ocean and return on Saturday. We’d have one day at home and we were off again.”

With his six brothers and parents, Marinaldo lived on fishing. Day in, day out.

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