Bathing in Luxury at the Hotel Casa Gangotena in Quito

I was looking out over the Mediterranean dotted with a couple of sailing boats. Low rolling hills line the horizon. The image was framed by Corinthian columns covered in flowering vines. I felt as if I was on vacation in Greece, Italy, or Spain.

Did that make sense, with my being 9,350 feet above sea level, in Quito, Ecuador’s capital?

Not really.

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Watching Wild and Captive Condors in Ecuador, at Hacienda Zuleta

It was almost like a dance, seven rambunctious Andean Condors hopping around chunks of mule and calf. On other days the carrion might be alpaca, sheep, or rabbit. Males generally have the first go but Awu is a female that is able to stand up for herself and makes sure she gets the piece she wants to have.

When two condors wanted the same piece they each tore on a side of it as if it were a game of tug-of-war.

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Driving on Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Slow Travel Destination - driving and camping on Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Hexagonal tiles of salt stretch to the horizon hemmed in by bluish mountains. The crunching of salt crystals beneath my feet sounds like stepping on fresh snow. I’m encompassed by total silence in an otherworldly spectacle that is largely devoid of life.

Salar de Uyuni is beyond magic!

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A Butterfly in Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest

“Happiness is like a butterfly. If you chase it and chase it directly, it will elude you, but if you sit quietly and busy yourself with other things, it will come and light upon your shoulder.”
~Old Chinese Proverb

What’s so special about a butterfly, you may ask.

Well, I got a visit from one who cleaned my keyboard.


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What Makes a Sunset so Special? – The Mashpi Eco Lodge

“You know what would be a great idea?” Coen asked as we moved up the last steps of the stairs that brought us to a 30-meter-high watchtower.

“What?” David, our guide, asked.

“To serve champagne upstairs. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic surprise?”

David didn’t respond and we continued our way up.

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An Ultimate Way to Visit São Paulo – Meet Locals & BossHouse B&B

Top Visit in São Paulo, a view from Edificio Italia.

Throughout our more-than-10-year journey we’ve met people in intriguing ways, which in some cases has led to a long-lasting friendship. We’ve had people stopping in the street to invite us to their house, or received an invitation through our website.

While we love the sightseeing and roaming-the-countryside aspect of traveling, our warmest memories are always related to people.

As happened in São Paulo

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Pousada Vila Bela Vista in Jericoacoara, Brazil

At 6 am, the sun is rising rapidly above the horizon yet not burning fiercely as it will in a couple of hours. I stroll over the sandy plain dotted with shrubs that feed the local horses and donkeys. Behind me is the village of Jericoacoara, along Brazil’s northeast coast. In front of me are only dunes.

They attract like a magnet.

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