Women’s Opinions Didn’t Count – Planting Trees in Bolivia

During Coen’s photography assignment for Bevrijde Wereld (now Solidagro), a Belgian NGO that supports agricultural projects with a focus on food safety, we visited various rural communities in Bolivia. In the village of Koya each household received six fruit trees and was instructed on how to plant and maintain them.

Planting trees? You dig a hole, put in the tree, close the hole and water the tree, right?

Or is it not that simple?

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Typical Foods in Bolivia – Staples and Popular Snacks & Dishes

Bolivia food, a deep fried pastel

The Bolivian cuisine is not as diverse as its landscape (but then, Bolivia’s variety in landscapes is hard to match). Even though there are regional variations between the lowlands and Andes Mountains, traditional Bolivian meals are mainly a result of versatility in the use of the country’s staple food of potatoes, corn and rice.

Let’s take a closer look.

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El Cafetal’s Coffee Plantation

Bolivia is one of the world’s producers of Arabica coffee. While the Yungas (north of La Paz) is Bolivia’s traditional and principal coffee-growing​ region, the country’s largest exporter is situated in the department of Santa Cruz – in Buena Vista, to be exact.

A friend suggested visiting a coffee plantation-cum-factory and, of course, to taste some high-quality, organic coffee.

We were on our way to Hacienda El Cafetal.

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