Slow Living – a New Invention or an Age-old Tradition?

Slow travel, a cattle drive through the Amazon, Brazil

Even we can’t beat this slow pace in our Land Cruiser: 1300 kilometers in 7 months; an average of 6 kms/day. Yet, even if they wanted to, these people couldn’t travel any faster, for you see, these 9 tropeiros and 1 woman have to lead 1376 cows from the breeder to their new owner.

Here, slow living isn’t a modern concept; it’s an age-old way of life.

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Turkish Hospitality on the Carian Trail (Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey)

“Turkey’s true master is the peasant”
~Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

We have followed a path twisting up through the woods and following a watercourse. On our left side is a wall built of boulders and rocks collected from the adjacent fields.

The wall invites us to sit on it, rest our feet for a bit while our sweated shirts dry in the sun.

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Eating Starch? – What’s the Secret to Making a Proper Beiju?

Eating starch, a plate with homemade beiju (tapioca) pancakes

Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Why did I not think of this before? I’ll just buy tapioca and we’ll make beiju,” I concluded.

It was such a simple solution to such a simple problem: staying in a village where I couldn’t find bread but needing something for breakfast.

If only it were so simple…

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La Douce France

Driving some eight hours straight from the Netherlands to France doesn’t exactly qualify as slow travel, I know. Yet that’s what I did with my friend Mélanie.

And, of course, I have an excuse (two, to be exact).

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How Meeting a Stranger Can Be More Than ‘Just’ a Meeting

Even after more than ten years on the road I can still be surprised how one meeting can lead to all sorts of events, adventures and other meetings. Maybe because I never take them for granted. It is not something you can plan, or find in a guidebook. You can plan a meeting, but you can’t plan the results of such a meeting.

And that’s where the charm lies: the unexpected.

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An Ultimate Way to Visit São Paulo – Meet Locals & BossHouse B&B

Top Visit in São Paulo, a view from Edificio Italia.

Throughout our more-than-10-year journey we’ve met people in intriguing ways, which in some cases has led to a long-lasting friendship. We’ve had people stopping in the street to invite us to their house, or received an invitation through our website.

While we love the sightseeing and roaming-the-countryside aspect of traveling, our warmest memories are always related to people.

As happened in São Paulo

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