Taking a Kitesurfing Course in Brazil, at Tatajuba Beach

From our apartment I looked out over the beach, the mouth of the lagoon and the ocean. During the morning hours it had been quiet. A fisherman returned with his catch and somebody had been going for a stroll along the shore.

Around 11 am, the tranquility transformed into hustle and bustle.

As if a silent alarm had gone off.

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Eating Piranha, really? – Fishing in the Pantanal in Brazil

Slow Travel - Fishing in the Pantanal and preparing Piranha do Pantanal

For a moment I am caught off guard and almost fall overboard. Something is sharply tugging at the chunk of fat I had fastened on the hook. Pablo, my host, guide and friend helps me pull in my line until the feisty creature plops on the bottom of the boat in fluttering spasms.

I just caught a piranha!

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Snorkeling in the Galápagos Islands – Ecuador

I feel as if I’m swimming in my grandmother’s tropical fish aquarium; the fish have the same bright colors, the same vertical shapes. All around me are yellow-purple-striped king angelfish, ivory-colored barber fish, and black stripe and deep-blue surgeonfish.

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Watching Seahorses in Brazil

I can’t remember ever having seen one before. No matter how I turn the bottle, this water creature keeps its head turned from me. Later the opposite happens with another one and I figure that maybe they prefer facing` towards the sun.

In wonder I am staring at a gray-colored seahorse.

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Boating Through the Ecological Sebuí Reserve in Brazil

In the early morning we sailed through the Baia de Guaraqueçaba in an open motorboat: a world of sapphire-colored water surrounded by blue-grey mountain ranges outlined against a cobalt, slightly clouded sky. With dolphins accompanying us in the distance, the scenery couldn’t have been more peaceful.

We were on our way to the Ecological Sebuí Reserve in southern Brazil.

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