Slow Living – a New Invention or an Age-old Tradition?

Slow travel, a cattle drive through the Amazon, Brazil

Even we can’t beat this slow pace in our Land Cruiser: 1300 kilometers in 7 months; an average of 6 kms/day. Yet, even if they wanted to, these people couldn’t travel any faster, for you see, these 9 tropeiros and 1 woman have to lead 1376 cows from the breeder to their new owner.

Here, slow living isn’t a modern concept; it’s an age-old way of life.

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Three Tips for Your Visit to Manaus (Brazil​)

Slow travel in Manaus, visit Praia da Lua with locals.

We arrived in Manaus with a list of places I wanted to visit, but Providence ruled differently. In the past I might have had a fit. I had made a list, damn it, and we were going to stick to it. We had to visit Manaus properly.

After all, wasn’t that why we were here?

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Meet the Baianas de Acarajé in Salvador da Bahia (Brazil)

Amidst a crowd of typical, T-shirts-and-jeans-wearing Brazilians, a black woman stood out. She wore an intricate, white, lace bodice covered with necklaces above a dark-blue, billowing skirt and a white piece of cloth artistically wrapped around her head. She was deep-frying some sort of snack.

Meet Salvador da Bahia’s famous Baianas de Acarajé.

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Swimming with Dolphins in the Amazon (Brazil)

Swimming with dolphins, Brazil

It was Sunday, late afternoon. The weekend vacationers from Manaus had returned home and peace reigned once more over the small tourist town of Novo Airão. I was the only one to go swimming with dolphins.

What a stroke of luck!

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Hiking the Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Hiking Sugarloaf Mountain and Urca Hill in Brazil

Thick traffic and having to watch my back had made me wary of Rio de Janeiro. But after a leisurely walk up the Sugar Loaf I took in the view and suddenly understood the spell that visitors as well as Cariocas (Rio de Janeiro’s residents) fall under.

And I wondered, what’s there not to fall in love with Rio de Janeiro?

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Hiking the Datça Peninsula 2 (Carian Trail, Turkey)

Slow Hiking on the Datça Peninsula, Turkey

With only another 120 kilometers, the days suddenly pass very, very quickly. The western section of the Datça Peninsula is one of the remotest sections of the 850-kilometer-long Carian Trail.

Few villages, mostly footpaths meandering through forests and traversing headlands that divide dozens of secluded bays.

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Hiking the Datça Peninsula 1 (Carian Trail, Turkey)

Slow travel hiking the Datça Peninsula

“Never be so faithful to your plan that you are unwilling to consider the unexpected. Never be so faithful to your plan that you are unwilling to entertain the improbable opportunity that comes looking for you.”
~Elizabeth Warren

Hiking the Datça Peninsula and rolling up your sleeves to get your hands dirty in a greenhouse?

How do those two activities match?

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