Bird Watching in Suriname’s Natural Reserve of Bigi Pan

Herons skim the water, their white bodies reflecting in the inky-black water smooth as glass. Green kingfishers nosedive from branches and resurface with a thrashing fish. Roseate spoonbills scratch around in shallow waters, and jacanas do what Jesus Birds do:

They walk on the water.

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Why we Love the Lake District in Argentina

I follow a winding trail along the slopes, which demands a bit of clambering over slippery rocks. I pick another handful of those juicy blackberries along the path, which constitute my breakfast. At a stream, I strip and lower myself into one of the shallow pools sheltered by rocks.

I sigh deeply, and relax.

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Watching Sea Turtles in Venezuela

“Let’s wait for that group of pelicans to pass,” Alexandra says while the first drops of rain rinse our bodies, salty and sticky from swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Nobody is moving away from beach lined with coconut trees to find shelter at the restaurant.

The moment is too precious.

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The Perfect Reason to Visit Venezuela

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”
~Jawaharial Nehru

Los Llanos are vast plains of grasslands and savanna and had traversed them in Colombia.

Now we would explore them in Venezuela.

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Snorkeling in the Galápagos Islands – Ecuador

I feel as if I’m swimming in my grandmother’s tropical fish aquarium; the fish have the same bright colors, the same vertical shapes. All around me are yellow-purple-striped king angelfish, ivory-colored barber fish, and black stripe and deep-blue surgeonfish.

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A Butterfly in Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest

“Happiness is like a butterfly. If you chase it and chase it directly, it will elude you, but if you sit quietly and busy yourself with other things, it will come and light upon your shoulder.”
~Old Chinese Proverb

What’s so special about a butterfly, you may ask.

Well, I got a visit from one who cleaned my keyboard.


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What Makes a Sunset so Special? – The Mashpi Eco Lodge

“You know what would be a great idea?” Coen asked as we moved up the last steps of the stairs that brought us to a 30-meter-high watchtower.

“What?” David, our guide, asked.

“To serve champagne upstairs. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic surprise?”

David didn’t respond and we continued our way up.

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