Street Art in Huanchaco (Peru) – Murals and Graffiti

In Ecuador, Colombia, and in Venezuela we have been amazed by the amount as well as the quality of graffiti, murals, and other street art in and around towns.

In Peru this was no different and I fell for the street art in Huanchaco.

During our road trip in northern Peru we camped for the night on the beach in Huanchaco, thinking we’d stay there just a day or two. We ended up staying in this pleasant beach town for two months or so.

I got my camera and walked around town just to capture some of these art works. Some of this street art is politically oriented, but most of the graffiti and murals are simply fabulous works of art.

Unfortunately, much of the street art in Huanchaco has been neglected and during our two-month stay I didn’t see any new works being created, with the exception of the last one on this series which was done when La Gringa upgraded Huanchaco’s famous backpacker’s hostel. Her hostel is full of beautiful works of art now.

Street art in Huanchaco, Peru

Street Art in Huanchaco as Landmarks

The walls and corners with street art became my landmarks when going on my runs through town (the beach had too much litter to run on). I’d zigzag my way through the streets from east to west, from north to south and the murals and graffiti helped orient me where I was, mas o menos.

While I mostly crisscrossed the town on my runs, strolling the streets and admiring street art like this, in fact, is an ultimate form of slow travel.

I know nothing of the creators of these artworks​, nor why or when they were painted. Simply enjoy them for the sake of enjoying like I did.

Graffiti and Murals in Huanchaco, Peru (©photocoen)
Murals and graffiti in Huanchaco, Peru (©photocoen)
Street art in Huanchaco, Peru
Street art in Huanchaco, Peru
Graffiti and Murals in Huanchaco, Peru (©photocoen)
Graffiti and Murals in Huanchaco, Peru (©photocoen)
At La Gringa Backpackers Hostel
At La Gringa Backpackers Hostel

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